Essential oil blends – Champi Massoterapia

Have you ever heard of the term synergy? Essential oils have therapeutic properties and for some treatments, mixing two or more essential oils is ideal to achieve the best result. The combination of different types that accent each other is called synergy.

With the harmonic combination of aromas, besides obtaining a new aroma, you enhance the desired effect, remembering that Champi Massoterapia uses only pure and natural essential oils. At Champi we use some combinations created by our aromatherapists and you can choose your blend before the massage.

Below you can see our Essential Oil Blends:

This oil, rich in various types of esters and alcohol, is useful for combating depression, anxiety and stress, helping to relax the mind. Ideal for treating insomnia, stress and headaches. It is a highly relaxing oil that transmits peace and harmony.

AWAKENING (rosemary and mint)
This combination of essential oils enhances memory. Great combination to use especially in those moments where concentration is needed.

Happiness (orange, lemongrass and Cyprus)
With citrus, floral and herbal notes, this synergy brings us love for life. Extremely cheerful, the intensities of the aroma bring well-being and spontaneity to those who are receiving the massage.

Calmness (Sicilian lemon and lavender)
This is a blend of joy. It is indicated for people who are feeling sad, depressed, frightened. Its citrus scent clears and stimulates the mind, helps with concentration, organization, helps to make decisions and it’s a great blend to work on mental and physical exhaustion.

Gold (clove, geranium and lavender)
This is our sensitivity blend. Soothes emotions, increases self-esteem, acts against fear, insecurity, fear of speaking, exposure and shyness.